Just Brunching: More about Brunches

Brunch is a portmanteau of breakfast and lunch, and rightly named so for a meal that’s savored between breakfast and lunch time. It’s a combination of late breakfast and early lunch, which is preferred by people those who turn in late and wake up late. We usually brunch in the weekend so that one can sleep a little longer and time varies from 10 AM -4 PM depending on the city and the restaurant. It is said to have evolved around the 19th century in England among the British upper classes. Wealthy families would give a break to their servants on Sundays as a compensation for their toil on weekdays. The maids would have already prepared a buffet style meal beforehand for them to eat during the rest of the day.

Brunch refers to meals that are close to breakfast while blunch refers to meals that are close to luncheon. Often, champagne or wine will be served and following the meal tea or coffee is usually consumed.

In fact, Brunch and its variant Blunch were featured in the ‘Fashionable and Seasonable” section of the satirical Punch magazine in an 1896 edition describing it as a Sunday meal for “Saturday-night carousers”.

Brunch Traditions Around The World:

Dim sum is the Chinese way of Brunching. They consist of buns, dumplings, and other savory or sweet food items that have been baked, steamed or deep-fried. The kitchen continuously churns out freshly prepared dishes at regular intervals while customers choose their preferred dishes from passing carts. It can be eaten at a mid-morning, midday, or mid-afternoon teatime.

Friday Brunch is A Dubai special wherein fancy hotels and top restaurants offer an all-inclusive drinks and food buffet during early afternoons. It is a tourist attraction wherein many expatriates and visitors often spend their weekend, and party

In South Africa, brunch is a favorite activity for many families. They consume only pancakes and fruits making them distinctive from traditional brunch traditions.

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