Best Indian Desserts to Serve with Food

For Indians no meal is complete without a sweet treat and to finish your meal with a good round of desserts is more like a tradition. These delicious Indian desserts are available in its diverse and interesting flavours in different parts of the country. Ranging from Gulab Jamuns from the North to Payasam in the south, here are the most loved Indian desserts.

Maa Vilakku

South Indian dish offered to deities on festive occasions, prepared with smooth and soft rice flour dough, mixed with jaggery and flavoured with cardamom powder which is moulded in a lamp shape, and lit with ghee poured in the middle.

Poornam Boorelu

A traditional Andhra sweet which is made by moulding sweet balls of black gram, jaggery, butter and coconut dipped in a dosa batter and deep fried till they become crisp.

Gulab Jamun

One of the popular old delight made with khoya which is fried till golden and dipped in saffron induced sugar syrup.


The delicious creamy and yummy south Indian version of kheer made with rice/ada with milk, butter and cardamom topped with cashews and raisins is one of the cherished delights of Kerala.

Mysore Pak

Mysore Pak/ Mysuru Paaka is a dessert from Karnataka prepared using desi ghee, sugar, gram flour and cardamom.
Khoya Barfi: Khoya (made by drying milk) and cashews are primarily used for the preparation of this barfi is a Punjabi dessert.


Traditional Indian ice-cream or frozen dessert enriched in dense and creamy kulfi prepared with milk is a traditional recipe. Flavours are also made with rose and mango.

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