Best Indian Vegetable Recipes for Winter

Winter is upcoming and markets brim with all sorts of fresh root vegetables, tubers and leafy greens. There are many seasonal dishes to be made in winter like gajar ka halwa with red carrots, ghee-laden mooli ke parathas, matar pulao, beetroot kebab, etc. Every region has so many more soul warming delicacies using winter veggies. Some veggies are available throughout the year, whereas keep in mind their seasonality. In winter buy veggies like sweet potatoes, cauliflowers, turnips, carrots, radish, beets, green peas, elephant yam, broad beans, spinach, mustard green, green garlic, and others. Here is a small list of some seasonal vegetable dishes popular over India. Curry Leaves is one of the Best Indian Restaurant in Kennedy, if you’re heading for lip smacking Indian foods. Savour the pure delicious Indian dishes at Curry Leaves.

Sweet Potato Rabdi: Milk added with sweet potatoes is loaded with protein and saffron is loaded with umpteen benefits. The sweet potatoes contains fibre, vitamin A, vitamin C, minerals like magnesium and calcium making it a superfood.
Gajar ka Halwa: originally from Punjabis a popular Indian dessert mostly during winter. This one is cooked together with grated carrots, sugar and nuts.

Bharwan Gobi: one of the popular Indian dish. Cauliflower florets stuffed with cheese and khoya filling, which is then coated with a special batter and deep fried to a golden colour.

Mooli ke Kofte: fried rounds made with grated radish, spices and then doused in a masala gravy. This tasty dish is usually served best with roti’s.
Dal Palak Ka Shorba: this one has a thin consistency than soup and used as a starter. It is a warm dish with all goodness of lentils, spinach (palak), ginger garlic and mild spices. Usually it is served with fresh cream and a squeeze of lime.

Sarson-da-Saag: It is basically a Punjabi dish paired with roti made of corn. Sarson-da- saag is similar to stew made with mustard greens.