Healthy Diet with Potassium Rich Food

Potassium is an important mineral that maintains fluid balance and proper functioning of nerves, heart, brain and muscles. It helps in lowering blood pressure and helps in getting rid of excessive sodium. High blood pressure is a major reason for conditions like stroke and heart diseases.

Around 4700 mg of dietary potassium is considered sufficient for adults per day. People who resort to comfort food or junk food too often might have potassium deficiency. Not eating enough fruits and vegetables can lead to deficiency of potassium. The amount of potassium we get is dependent on how we cook our food.. Eating fruits and vegetables in the raw or slightly roasted form will help preserve potassium content in them.

Fruits rich in Potassium

Avocado is a food which has positive effects on our metabolism. 1 full avocado contains around 1,067 mg of potassium. Sweet potatoes are richer in nutrients than white potatoes rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin B6. Sweet potatoes are also known to be a popular remedy for treating ulcers. Pomegranate is one of the healthiest sources of potassium. It is full of Vitamin C, fibre and Vitamin K. It can also reduce cortisol (stress hormone) levels in the body.

Dried apricots and raisins:

Consuming dried apricots can contribute effectively in increasing your potassium levels. People who consume dried apricots have lower body weight as compared to others. Potassium rich raisins are also rich in other important nutrients like selenium and phosphorus and help in dealing with diabetes and anaemia.

Veggies rich in Potassium

Spinach is a powerhouse of potassium. It is one of the healthiest foods available. Chloroplast glycoglycerolipids in spinach is believed to have cancer fighting properties as well. Broccoli too is a powerhouse of essential nutrients like Vitamin C, K, folate, fibre and potassium. Being low in calories, broccoli is included in many diet regimes for weight loss. White beans are also high in potassium and fibre. Consuming fibre-rich foods reduces risk of diabetes and heart diseases.

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