The origin of popular cuisine Dosa

Dosas are considered to be one of the best and healthy morning breakfast in South India. No matter where people go the first thing they ask for breakfast is dosa. Even though it is so popular nobody clearly knows the origin of dosas. Here is an interesting tale about the origin of the famous South Indian dish Dosa. Since it is in India there is lot of cultural historic stories behind every dish. Now that Indian food is taking over the world, a lot of food and history enthusiasts are digging up old mythologies and local folklore and stories related to various dishes to trace them back to their origins. You’d be surprised to know that even the humblest of dishes that adorn your breakfast, lunch and dinner tables have gone through several phases of reimagining and rediscoveries to get to their current avatars. But wouldn’t it be fun to imagine just how your favourite food was invented?

Dosa has an interesting origin. It was called “dosha” meaning “sin”. Deprived of alcohol, some Brahmin temple cooks thought they could get high on fermented rice. Kind of like sake. But their experiment failed. To salvage it one of them made fried crepes out of it”. That almost sounds probable now, doesn’t it? No matter whether it is true or not it is a known fact that now dosas are highly preferred breakfast cuisine and considered to be healthy. Nowadays it is not just plain dosas unlike before that is available. Experimenting on Dosas have been a real fun for today’s chefs and therefore there are many kinds of dosas like cheese dosa, noodles dosa, chocolate dosa, schezwan dosas etc. These are only few of its kind. It is great to see how the chefs invent new items by infusing western and traditional foods together. So this weekend try out the varieties of dosas.