Top 4 South India Foods of all time

Indian food differs in east, west, north, and south on the basis of ingredients or can say, the spices are using. As there were a wide variety of India foods common in all around the world. Perhaps, using the same ingredients, a variety of special dishes can be craft. On the basis of customers needs, the chef craft the same using some additives. However, the Indian north Indian foods are so much special for the people out there the US, USA, and UK. Even though not only for Indians but also for those citizens also. However, the Restaurant Tampa recently experienced some, lets us take a look on to it detail.

Top 4 best South India Foods of all time:

There were a variety of dishes being prepared and introducing day by day. Well, in the same, some 4 best foods, that can’t be balanced by other recipes because of its sounds it’s special. Here are some of the Top 4 South India Foods of all time, which is favorite for everyone in this beautiful world.

Dosas: This recipe is something but made from fermented rice along with lentil batter. However, using the same recipe, and just adding some ingredients, many new related recipes like masala dosa, ghee roast, uthappam, and anything can make and introduce the same before the customers.

Vadas: You might experience donuts very much, the recipe which resembles the same format with the mixture what using in Dosa along with adding some Urad dal will figure out beautiful and tasty Vada recipe.

Malabar parotta: This is nothing but layered flatbreads made of fine flours. However, the customer can experience the same alone or using some curries. Well, there was a different type of parotta experiencing in south India. In fact, the same with the delicious nonveg recipe will be a heaven experience.

Appams: This is nothing but batter of fermented rice flour along with the coconut milk and sounds a great experience, which doesn’t need gravy or curry to finishes of the breakfast. As said for Malabar parotta, this Appam stands the same experience with any nonveg recipes.