What is Kulfi? No, It’s Not Just An Icecream

Kulfi is the Indian variant of ice cream or rather India’s original ice cream. Kulfi is made of pure cooked milk, sugar and natural flavour. They are free from preservatives and eggs. Kulfi comes in assorted flavours and is moulded into conical shapes are easy to relish on. Quench you thirst on a summer day with our special kulfis in mango and pistachio flavours. Curry Leaves Tampa has a host of Indian dessert options that includes your favorite Kulfi flavours.

Kulfi is believed to have originated in Persia. But, Indians owe the Mughal Dynasty for the Kulfi treat. Kulfi has even been mentioned in Ain-i-Akbari (the 16th-century, detailed document recording the administration of Emperor Akbar’s empire). It describes kulfi preparations in the royal kitchens for which large blocks of ice were shipped to the kingdom from the frozen lakes of the Himalayas by foot, boats or carriages. Even though some of it got melted along the way, they sufficed air conditioning and kulfi preparation.

Kulfi is not your average ice cream. While they are commonly categorized as ice creams, they are actually frozen dessert made from sweetened and flavoured milk, it is the presence of air (or rather its absence) that differentiates the desserts. They can actually be classified as frozen desserts or frozen custards. It is also denser than regular ice creams since they aren’t churned and churning adds air to the milk mixtures. This means that they melt slower than regular ice creams.

Kulfi is prepared by boiling milk while stirring over a low flame until it reduces to a milk solid called khoa. As it gets thickened, lactose sugar is also caramelized. This fudgy, thick milk concoction is then flavoured as per one’s choice. Saffron, betel leaf, mango, pistachio, cardamom, apple, strawberry, and avocado are popular choices of flavour.

The evaporated milk is poured into metal cones and packed into an ice slurry. The dessert, in fact, is named after qufi, the Persian word for “covered cup,” since they were the original containers for moulds. Although kulfi ws once a luxury item, over time it has now become a popular dessert among people of different ages.

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